4 Gadgets Every Professional Should Have To Be Productive: Even You

Hand Phone

One way to develop your brand as professional in your field is to response quickly and to address the needs of people who need important information about certain topics that are related in your field of expertise. The most popular and convenient way that anybody can contact you is through hand phone because in today’s worlds that is almost overwhelmed with digital technology, everyone is too impatient to use e-mail for a one-sentence-question which needs and immediate response. Furthermore, when choosing hand phone, consider one with internet connection, clear camera, easy contact management, high storage capacity and productivity management features, and utilize it to its fullest advantage. iPhone is good if you are planning to have one but if you have a lot of contacts to transfer and you’re lazy to key-in them one by one, it is not advisable for you.


Even your hand phone has an extravagant features; it is not enough to manage your tasks. Even you have desktop computer at home or at your office, you need laptop to do encoding of necessary data, burn copy of CD or DVD, present your ideas in slideshow presentation, and more others responsibilities when you are out of your office. The specification of a laptop that suits you depends on your profession. If you are an office worker, 512 Megabytes RAM and 60 Gigabytes  hard disk capacity is already okay but if you are a graphic designer, you need at least 1 Gigabytes RAM, a high grade graphic card and at least 100 Gigabytes hard disk capacity. Software is also important. You can download free productivity and other software you want at Download.com.

Compact Digital Camera

 Picture says thousands of words as it is popularly heard. Whenever you do you professional report, it is convincing if you have photos to show to your boss. High quality photos are also necessary in developing your professional portfolio. Although your hand phone may have built-in camera yet you have to remember that the camera of your hand phone is limited and every shoot consumes the battery of you mobile phone. I it also good to have DSLR but if you are not a Photojournalist or Creative Communication Designer or just Photography lover, digital compact camera is better enough.

Removable Drive

Transferring data would a great hazard for you if you don’t have even one removable drive unless you are connected online or the computer system in your work station is networked. There are times when situation requires you not to bring your laptop but you need to bring copy of your data; this is when removable device works best.

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