The Woody That Is Made From Styrofoam

One of the projects that are being given attention of the Hua Ho Department Store Artists is the indoor display at the Toys Department of Hua Ho Department Store Yayasan. The display will be a collection of Toy Story characters and other popular toys in a form of Styrofoam sculpture that will be themed creatively. Woody, the leading Toy Story character, is one of the collections. Here, Woody is made from almost 100% Styrofoam and not from wood.

Toys Story

Toy Story

Toy Story

If there is an artwork, there is an artist of course. Here’s the sculptor of the Styrofoam Woody, Dong Salvar.

Toy Story

Woody is only the first and there are more toys in line to be sculptured, and I promise to follow up this post with the whole range of the sculptured toys collection when this exciting display project at Hua Ho Department Store Yayasan is finished.

    • ptrjess
    • September 23rd, 2010

    nice masterpiece…great job!!!

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