The Facebook Ban Rumor in Brunei

I was searching in the internet on the real story about the banning of Facebook in Brunei and the post, Banning Facebook? had given an overview (that a whistle blower found porn on Facebook which lead to some decision makers to consider banning the social network entirely) of the rumor. As I continue surfing the net about this topic, I found the headline that reads Brunei’s AiTi Declines Comment On Facebook Ban Rumor. I opened it, hoping that it would give me additional info, but it only provides the statistics of Facebook users in Brunei. Furthermore, I found an article of Lim Sheng Ming that states, “AiTi regulates boring stuff like radio frequencies and telecommunication access. Not Internet content so I’m pretty sure they’re as much in the dark regarding the possible Facebook ban as the rest of the country.” Until now, banning Facebook in Brunei is still a rumor.

Anyway, if the Facebook will really be banned in Brunei, how big it would affect some retailers, freelancers and other small businesses of the country who are using Facebook in advertising and promoting their businesses? I look forward that somebody will provide statistics on this.

  1. January 10th, 2011

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