A Little Visual Merchandising Idea for Valentine’s Day

Three red roses, red balloon, hearts and Cupid are popular during Valentine’s Day. As lovers prepare for this day, visual merchandisers and retailers also start to decorate their stores with red or pink hearts, balloons and flowers; dress the mannequins with red apparel and accessories; display soft toys at highly visible area of the store; add red ribbons to packs of branded chocolate and make hampers for Valentine’s Day.

I was attracted with the hamper of two swans in a basket that are formed using face towels and bath towels by Ate Jyenena Fie at Hua Ho Department Store Yayasan. Ate Jyenena is a promoter of Samsonite at Hua Ho Department Store Yayasan, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. The area of Samsonite and other luggage is just beside the area where the towels are located so it was easy for her to do the hamper while she was in her counter. Her previous hampers of swan were color blue, white and green so I decided to choose the colors of the towels that will fit for Valentine’s Day and ask here to do a new one, shown here. The other version of this hamper is the swan with eggs and nest.

This is nice hamper for Valentine’s Day that will give bulk sales of towels.

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