Can You See The Hidden Figure in a Stereogram?

Few weeks ago, I was asked by a friend to view a stereogram but until now I can’t visualize what he wanted me to see. Maybe I have “stereovision” problem.

Stereograms, also knowns as stereographs, stereoviews and stereocards, are 3D images hidden within another picture. The stereogram was discovered by Charles Wheatstone in 1838. One of its practical and significant uses today is 3D movies using anaglyph motion pictures with the help of 3D red-cyan glasses. Below is an example of a stereograms that I borrowed from the collection of free stereograms at I don’t know what is the hidden figure in it and I stopped trying ti figure it out because I am getting to have headache by trying let the 3D image pop up. 😀 How about you, can you see it?

I asked my friend, Dong Salvar, a visual artist who is good at viewing stereograms to make the rough view of the stereogram above and this what it looks like:

View more 3D Stereograms at or learn how to view stereograms or read a brief history of stereograms using the respective links.

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