The Tiger, Goat and Grass Puzzle

Once upon a time, a farmer named Crony is transporting his tiger, goat and bunches of grass from Kampong Abaga to Kampong Pacao across the Alamada River. He will be using the grass for his grass culture project; the tiger and the goat are his pets and he named them Tigeroche Wawa and Goaty Gatas respectively and he bring them with him wherever he goes. His pets are not tied and only listen at a sound of his voice. When he says, “Behave!” his pets behave. When he says, “Goaty dance!” the goat dances. When he says, “Tegiroche jump and split!” the tiger jumps and splits. His pets are of course talented. 😀 The only way transport his tiger, goat and grass across the river is by using the available bamboo raft which can only carry one load at a time. Though his pets are tamed, they are sometimes furious; his tiger loves to eat chevon (goat’s meat) and his goat love to eat grass.

This is the problem of Crony: If he will send first the grass and leave the tiger and the goat, the tiger may devour the goat. If he will send the first the goat, the same case will happen after he has brought the tiger on the second trip. How could he transport his tiger, goat and grass to the other side of the riverbank and assure that no one of them will be devoured?

Click here for the answer.

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