The Visual Merchandising Blog

Hi! Now, I am also blogging at The Visual Merchandising Blog – Your guide to stimulating customer’s perceptual and emotional response. This blog is all about visual merchandising and other related topics which aims to help the retailers and the visual merchandisers of the Generation Y to awaken the perceptual and emotional response of the customers and silently affect their purchase behavior. The Visual Merchandising Blog was created to meet the needs on producing relevant and attractive designs and artworks for visual merchandising and to help develop the skills and competencies of the millennial retailers and visual merchandisers. On this blog, you can find articles concerning

  • Decorating
  • Props making
  • POS and POP display
  • Window display
  • Merchandise presentation
  • Atmospherics
  • Store design and layout
  • VM tools
  • VM techniques and tips
  • VM career and many more

The bottom line of all of these is of course visual merchandising. Trivia, brain teasers and fun stuffs are also included on this blog to add entertainment and dynamism.

Education is life, so I continue blogging as I continue learning. 😀

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